This is a WIP (Work In Process) of the a advertise of my artbook.

The Artbook will be a E-book that include 24 Images Full color of six of my OCs (quite sexy characters, in poses NSFW).

In the next weeks the artbook will be finished and, ready to sell it.

I count with your support like always you give me. Thanks in advance.

Note: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN. I´m able to requests commissions for this month (August).

 If you are interested, just email me to :

Or send me a note via Deviantart.

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Felicia and Vazz

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Feliccia is who has tan line and vass is who has green hair.

I hope you like it. :)

The second and third image is a update version of them. (Tattoo edit)

Commission for: Zack

Commissions info :


by javiermtz


Full Color digital character.
$50-70 US

+ Extra character+$30-40 US

special details would increase the price.

Others (Comic page, special technique, Digital painting with fansign, …)
the price depends on the complexity of the work.

Send me a NOTE entitled “commission”
The note should include:
         - Commission type
         - Reference pictures
         - Description (poses etc).
         - Additional informations or questions (if needed)I will reply you with the confirmation, and the payment details


I like drawing hentai, ecchi and erotic images, like my gallery pics, h

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purgy: Also any prices for extra character, background and etc?

Yes, I charge 30 dollars for extra characters and well I’d need to know what the background is to be able to charge it. It can be really complex or it can be really easy and that is something that changes the price. 

Is there anything else I can do for you? : ) 

Dione fainting on Milly

What up everyone, I hope you be well.

Here a commission for: Luke-crowe.

I enjoyed making Dione’s skin, I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed do it.

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Excellia Minotaur Queen | Commission

Commission for: Onikumomaru

Hey, I hope you like my version of Excellia, I enjoyed working on it.

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Thanks for your support.

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